COVID 19 UPDATE:  We are adding customers as quickly as we can.  There has been unprecedented demand for FROLO over the last 5 days.  And yes, it is still free.  If you are converting to take out only or take about and delivery, sign up now.  Saving cash is more important than ever.

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Marketing4Restaurants Free Restaurant Online Ordering System helps restaurants who offer takeout and delivery from their restaurant to quickly and easily take orders online from their own website with no fees and no sharing of customer details.

Key Features:

  • Easy to update your menu
  • Take credit card payments
  • Manage on your mobile or tablet
  • Use the built in Customer Loyalty system
  • No Contracts – our customers use us because they love us!
  • Unlimited orders.
  • No hidden charges!
  • Take orders 24/7.
  • Save staff time spent on the phones
  • Cut down on order taking errors
  • See how your online orders are going from your mobile phone.

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Chalisa Indian Restaurant in Canberra

Our restaurant has taken over 3,500 orders using FROLO and converted many of them to repeat customers, in fact over 2/3 of our orders come from repeat customers. Using FROLO, we have saved over $28,750 and collected over 2,000 contact details. Overall it is a whopping 1180% Return on Investment for us.


Limors in Melbourne

By using FROLO we have taken over $100,000 worth of orders, saving over $13,500 in commission.  We have collected emails from over 1,000 customers, allowing a quick and easy way to talk to our customers and drive repeat business.  With some clever menu engineering and great tasting food, Limors sees and impressive average order size of $78.


Paymasters in Newcastle

Our website is a very important part of our business marketing and operations. It has received over 200,000 visits which is great for a regional town.  Our new and repeat customers use the online booking heavily and our website to make inquiries and reservations. With hundreds of thousands of visits to our website, we have collected 2,500 emails which has made it very easy to remarket to our customers. By using FORBS, we didn't have to pay  $1.33 for each customer who books, and it has saved us over $30,000 and we have taken over $1,500,000 in seats booked.  That’s a great return on our marketing budget.

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