Our Mission

To help Restaurants find more customers and turn them into repeat customers


Easy and Intuitive Dashboard

The New and Improved FROLO has a friendly dashboard. The goal is is to help restaurant owners make use of the data to analyze trends and come up with smart decisions.

Advanced Marketing Intelligence

We have a well calculated and planned set of Marketing Metrics that will help you analyze and understand your Restaurant’s performance.

Customer Database

With FROLO, you get to keep your customers’ details and not share them with your competitors. Having your own customer database will help you recognize trends and the purchasing habits of your customers. This will also lower the cost of expensive marketing and promotions because you can make use of your customers’ email address or mobile numbers to promote new menu items or upcoming activities in your restaurant.

Your Achievement Progress

Track your restaurant’s online ordering performance. We add fun to our tools by tracking your achievements and monitoring the number of online orders that you have received.


FROLO has a heat grid metric that can identify the time of the day where most orders come in. It also has a reporting on the total number of orders you received within a year period.

Free Updates

Online Payments Via Stripe

FROLO enables restaurant owners to accept online payments via Stripe.




You should be tracking where your customers heard about you. Knowing where most of your leads are coming from can help you identify which channels are paying off and which ones need a boost.


The Customer Loyalty Graph tells you the degree that your customers are repurchasing. From this graph you can gauge how much you can allocate in rewarding your loyal customers. Loyalty Rewards programs should send a message that you are interested in not only making money off of purchases but also in making your customers happy.


Earning badges should be achievable and fun so we are rewarding you with these beyond price badges each time your total repeat customers increases. Let’s aim for the Platinum Medal, yes?