We truly know how very hard it is to run a great restaurant. There is front of house, back of house, hiring, firing, training, buying, counting, accounting and other things that small businesses need to do to run. We provide Small Restaurants with the tools that big restaurant chains have.  Our Free Restaurant Online Ordering System enables restaurants to take orders online. The big difference is, you don’t pay per month or per order and we do not share your customer details.FROLO is your Menulog alternative because we do not charge commissions per order nor collect a monthly subscription fee.

The Free Restaurant Online Ordering System (FROLO)  supports printing dockets for the kitchen and receipts for customers. The printer that currently works with FROLO is Epson Tm 8211 – i M267D or Epson TM – T88VI (US VERSION). Giving restaurant owners the ability to use their printer to print kitchen dockets as well as customer receipts.

Today we are the largest Restaurant booking system in Australia and New Zealand that is free for restaurants and free for their customers, without sharing the customers’ details. Every day thousands and thousands of people find our customers using Marketing4Restaurants marketing tools. Marketing4restaurants is here to help you find more customers and turn them into repeat customers.