How much time and money is our Online Ordering system going to save Fish and Chip shops? We had Fish and Chips last week end and the phone was running off the hook. Time wasted, order mistakes and no building of a database.

Those days will soon be over. It is the break between Christmas and New Years and most Restaurants are super busy at the moment and so are we on our FROLO for Take Outs and Restaurants.

Here is the last fortnights work on FROLO.


Fish and Chip shops will be able to move into the 21st with an online ordering system designed with the needs of Fish and Chip shops in mind.

We have been working with our Beta Testers and are making the following improvements:
A simplification of the way you can enter and edit your menus;
Tweaking of the customer side of the ordering process;
An easier view to see your current orders; and
Various changes based on all of the great feedback from our Beta Testers.

One of the team has come up with an amazing idea to help you increase the average order value for your Restaurant – we are busy putting the finishing touches on the design of this and arguing with the dev team over how long it will take to put in . Hopefully it will be included in the Beta before we go live. We don’t want to say too much, but lets just say we are harnessing one of the most powerful statements in Restaurant sales ever for your Restaurant.

And the big surprise is the PAYMENT SYSTEM!

Hooray – we are looking at using Stripe to manage payments for you. This means a 4 day payment system for credit cards on a rolling basis, straight into your account. We won’t take the payment on your behalf. The money goes from your customer to the Credit Card payments company to you. One less middleman means less charges for you. We won’t be clipping the ticket on the way through, you will just have the normal credit card fees to pay and you will get payment on a rolling 4 day basis. This is much fairer and should free up some cash flow for you .

Sign up for the FROLO waiting list if you want to cut the cost of taking orders online.

If you want to have a say in the Next Generation of online ordering, join our Beta testers and get early access and help design the best online order system for Restaurants.

Happy New Year. 2015 is going to be Awesome!