The Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering System (FROLO) now supports printing dockets for the kitchen and receipts for customers.  We recently introduced the Epson TM 8211-i as our first supported printer for FROLO and a request from a lot of restaurants was the ability to use their restaurant printer to print kitchen dockets as well as customer receipts.

As more and more restaurants start taking orders on their own website through FROLO in an effort to decrease the commissions that companies like Menulog, JustEat and Grubhub are charging, they have been looking for increasing efficiencies in the free online ordering system.  Our main effort has been integration into the Free Restaurant CRM system that we are building to finish of our all-in-one marketing solution for restaurants, but we haven’t forgotten what goes on in the kitchen.

To meet the demands of high volume restaurants, we have created a cloud printing functionality for restaurants so that a docket can go to the kitchen and the customer receipt can also be printed.

What are the requirements for the online ordering restaurant printer?

The only requirement for the online ordering restaurant printer is that you have an internet connection in the restaurant for the Epson restaurant printer to connect into and somewhere to plug it in to.  Usually it is close to the kitchen so that Chef can see when a new order has come in, or at the till.  Either way, every time you get a new order placed, the docket will print out.  You can still manage your orders by viewing incoming emails or through your FROLO Marketing Central login.

Where can I buy the FROLO Restaurant Printer?

We aren’t a hardware company, we are focused on creating software solutions for every restaurant, so we partnered with to provide fulfillment and shipping of the Epson Restaurant Printer in Australia.  As a bonus we also negotiated free phone support for the installation of the printer.

Can I use my own Restaurant Printer?

Maybe.  If you have an existing Epson TM-82-i, then definitely.  Contact the M4R support team and we will send out our set up guide for the FROLO Restaurant Printer.  We haven’t tested other Epson printers, but our team is happy to work with you to see if it will work with them as well.

How can I get the Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering system?

It’s easy.  Sign up for FROLO and our team will contact you and help organise menus and putting it on your website.

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How to share with just friends.

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