FAQEat Now, Delivery Hero and Menulog are focused on diners.  They put all of the restaurants together in one place to make it easy for customers to pick one.

There are 3 main differences between our Free Restaurant Online Ordering System and the others.

  1. We think this is bad for your restaurant because it is hard for you to show how your food and experience is different to your competitors.  Restaurant owners with poor food are able to compete with coupons and discounts to keep customers ordering, making it more difficult for great restaurants to survive.
  2. They are building a list of customers to help them to drive orders. Delivery Hero, Eat Now and Menulog don’t care where a customer orders from, just that they make an order.  We are customers uses their widget on your website, the details are shared with the online ordering company, which means they can email out offers from other restaurants.  We don’t think this is fair at all.
  3. We don’t charge you. Not per order, not per month.    Nada.  Free.  Free for you, free for your customers.

This is the way that online ordering was always meant to be [icon name=”smile-o” class=””]